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Resident Update – April

New Residents

Eight cockerels and Lex

The start to the year has been dominated by cockerels! Eight cockerels have joined us from hatching projects and brought their mate Lex with them. Lex is a Muscovy duck who bonded with the cockerels when the other ducks played too rough, naturally we couldn’t separate them.

Autumn and Winter

Cockerels, Autumn and Winter, were found wondering the streets of Bristol transferred to the Sanctuary by the RSPA who lacked the space to look after them.

Five new Turkeys

We also welcomed 5 turkeys into the flock; their chattering is a delightful addition to the Sanctuary.

They are currently getting settled, but we will share pics soon!

With such a big intake, we will get to building them all the perfect living space as soon as the weather picks up.


A white Wiltshire Horned Ram standing in a field at Coppershell Farm Sanctuary
Barry Chillin'

Team cloud is growing! Barry the ram, who was saved from slaughter, has joined the Sanctuary having spent the last month with Goatacre.

Barry is a Wiltshire Horn sheep with a cheeky personality – he enjoys sunshine, grazing on grass and ramming the sheds as hard as he can.

Mickey, Daphne, Clarabelle, Daisy and Tulip

A sheep on the grass with her eyes closed seemingly enjoying the sunshine upon her face
Soaking up the rays

We welcomed Mickey and his four lady friends. Daphne, Clarabelle, Daisy and Tulip were accidentally spent some time with Mickey and are now all pregnant!

We will be expecting three sets of twins in March.

Arthur and Shelby

Orphaned lambs Arthur and Shelby joined the Sanctuary earlier this month.

Arthur, extremely small for his age, got off to a bumpy start but is now doing well.


We heard about Salem’s case from a local vets after he had been ‘dropped off’ by his previous family. At 16 years old, his medical issues had become too much of a burden and they did not want him anymore. Everyone that met him fell in love with him and we were no different! Salem will be living his retirement years surrounded by love and care at Coppershell Farm Sanctuary.

Forever Homes

Finding a forever home for one of our Residents is always such a mixed bag of emotions, but ultimately I am delighted to share with you that three Residents are now in their forever home.


As mentioned in my previous blog, Wild at Heart, we are delighted that Rowan has found his perfect ending. Rowan is an Exmoor Pony with a nervous disposition and didn’t settle into the Sanctuary as well as we’d hoped. He is now with the Exmoor Pony Centre and will shortly be released back where he belongs – Exmoor National Park!

A short video showing himsettling in can be found on the Exmoor Pony Centre’s Instagram.


Picture of one goose and two birds floating on a large pond with the countryside in the background
Violet enjoying that pond life

Violet our angel-winged goose found her forever home! Violet had been distancing herself from the flock and had lost a lot of weight. We knew she wasn’t happy so we reached out to a family with a large pond and a lonely male goose who needed companionship.

We are delighted to hear that she is settling in well and putting back on the weight that she lost.