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We are delighted to announce that all the hens we have been allocated have been re-homed. 

We were recently made aware of 11,000 hens that need to be re-homed or face slaughter. In collaboration with Sanctuaries across the country, we are working around the clock to find homes for these lovely girls. We are working with Goatacre Animal Sanctuary to home as many as we can in our local area.

Unfortunately we are on very tight time scales, we will health check each hen, trim beaks and toes but we will not treat them for mites. The chemicals used to treat mites can stress the ladies out and after the journey they will have to endure we will not risk upsetting them further.

We are asking £3 per hen, £1.50 will go to the farmer and £1.50 will go towards transportation cost, crate hire and medical treatment.

If you are interested in adopting one (or a few) of these lovely hens, please follow the instructions below

  1. Upload a picture of the area you intend to house the hens using the buttons below (don’t forget to click submit)
  2. Add the number of hens you wish to adopt and add to your basket
  3. Proceed to checkout and payment

Caring for your new hen(s): A hen care sheet can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, please contact

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