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Resident Update – May

New Residents

Doogle, Toddy, Maggie and Sammy

We were contacted about 4 goats who, due to loss of grazing, were due to be slaughtered. The small family were made up of 2 billy goats (unneutered males) and a nanny with an older kid still at foot. These gorgeous goats needed a lot of care and attention and Maggie quickly gave birth to two more kids, Wallace and Willow. You can read more about the goats on our blog.

Wallace and Willow

After being rejected by their Mum, Willow and Wallace were both very weak, underweight with vitamin deficiencies that left them on the back foot. Willow has pulled through and continues to capture the heart of everyone that meets her, but sadly her brother Wallace was not so lucky and made his way over the rainbow bridge. You can read their full story on our blog.


A big welcome to our first ever pheasent. Pip joined us after he was handed in to a vet as an unidenfitied chick. A kid nurse took him home and nursed him until he was a fully grown pheasent and reached out to us once he had outgrown his surroundings. It’s a big learning curve with Pip, he doesn’t particularily like men but does like to impress the ladies with his flirty dances. We are triailing him with the turkeys to see if this can be his new home.

Ciara, Tegan, Dilly, Dixie, Davey and Darcey

Ciara with mum Clara

We welcomed four ewes and a ram to the Sanctuary last December and quickly discovered all four ewes were pregnant! We are delighted to say they have all given birth to a total of six lambs. Davey, Darcie and Daphne are currently residing at Sheeps Ahoy Sanctuary as Davey has had some issues with his front legs. You can read more about our lambs on our blog.

Forever Homes

Adoptions has been quite tricky the past month, but we are delighted to announce that three of our Residents have found their forever home.


Lex the Muscovy has found a wife! Lex has left Coppershell to start his new life with Bowie at Goatacre Animal Sanctuary.

Thor (AKA Buddy) and Layla

Thor and Layla joined the Sanctuary in January as part of a 5 horse rescue.

Thor recently made the 3hr journey (like a champ i might add) to join his new forever home. He is making a big impact on the yard, learning new skills and even got to play in the sea!

Layla has also moved onto new pastures with other youngsters where she is free to play and frollick with horses her own age.



We said goodbye to our chicken friend Grace. After a long battle with sickness, and a short stay in a loving foster home, she passed away warmed and loved. Her grumpy attitude never failed to make us giggle and she will be missed by all.


As mentioned above, it is with a heavy heart we said goodbye to our lovely little Wallace. Wallace tried so hard to cling on, but ultimately it was all too much. You can read the full story on our blog.

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