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Welcome to our new website!

New Year New Website!

We are delighted to welcome everyone to our new website! Websites are usually pretty intimidating and costly to create, but luckily for me my wonderful sister (who may or may not be writing this) took it upon herself to have a go at designing one.

We want to grow our global digital footprint and spread the word about the important work the Sanctuary does.

We don’t have a huge team (or any real budget) so if you have any tips or ideas on how to improve the website, leave a comment below or feel free to email us!

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a Sanctuary Resident

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What do Coppershell Farm Sanctuary do?

Coppershell Farm Sanctuary is a registered charity that rescue, provide care for, and rehome animals in need.

Founded in 2018 we have saved over 400 animals from perilous situations.

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